From the bottom of the ocean raised lain there for two years pickups

MOSCOW, 18 Jul – RIA Novosti. From the bottom of the Pacific ocean picked up two pickup truck Chevrolet Silverado, which in 2018 accidentally fell off a cargo ship in 25 kilometers from the coast of Australia. It is reported by Fox News.

the Cars were transported to Australia, where they had to move the steering wheel left-hand drive vehicles for local roads. According to local media, the cost of the pickups two years ago, taking into account transportation costs, amounted to 150 thousand Australian dollars (about seven million rubles at current exchange rates) apiece.

In the photo, posted online, shows that damage if dropped in the water and on the bottom of the ocean, as well as stay in sea water for almost two years, turned the car into a pile of metal. And the water destroyed not only the body and chassis, but the interior, as during transport in cars and Windows were open. As a result, the pickups are rotted.

Now both cars will be dismantled and sent for recycling.