Former Minister of economy of Ukraine Tymofiy mylovanov speculate about the price of life of every Ukrainian, saved from being infected with coronavirus, using quarantine measures. The post he published on his page on Facebook.

Milovanov said that the Kyiv school of Economics, honorary President of which he is, created a model that evaluates the effectiveness of quarantine measures. She has shown that she will be able to save from 80 to 150 lives.

he Also explained that a conservative estimate of economic losses resulting from quarantine, the price of one life saved is 40 million hryvnia, which will drain the economy. “Fair is this price? Everyone must answer this question himself,” — he stressed.

From 6 April in Ukraine, has tightened the quarantine, which was extended until April 24. In the country restricted the movement of people for time spent on the street, prohibited events. Ukrainians are obliged to be in public places in the PPE. For the lack of masks citizens can be brought to administrative responsibility.

According to the draft Johns Hopkins University, Ukraine 4161 identified case of infection with coronavirus. 116 patients died, 186 recovered. During the last day recorded 397 new cases. Among the regions according to the number of infected lead Chernivtsi oblast (662) and Kiev (644).