Firms that have received subsidies from the EU will not pay bonuses to executives

European companies have received subsidies under the programme financial assistance of the European Union during a pandemic coronavirus, will be allowed to pay bonuses to executives.

this is stated in the document of the European Commission at the disposal of the Guardian. These constraints also imply a ban on the payment of dividends and repurchase of shares by executives. Data restrictive measures will be imposed on companies, in which governments of member countries of the European Union has bought a stake to keep the business afloat during a global pandemic.

the EU originally insisted that the financial subsidies should be directed to the payment of wages to employees who have lost wages at the time of care unforced vacation. For example, in Germany the amount paid varies from 5 to 13 thousand euros per employee. In Brussels said that these rules would apply to the UK during the transitional period, Brexit, which shall end on December 31.