Ukraine "failed" a watershed in 2019, when the country had to move on to economic growth, said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the party "Opposition platform For life" Alexander Koltunovich channel "112 Ukraine".

"For the year in Parliament I understand that this government is Ukraine is not up and down we Have a 19-year fracture occurred. If in the 4th year we had the highest economic growth in 5-m Yushchenko came — we have a collapsed economy. In the 10th to the 13th pulled again the economy, the cycle took place in plus, fell from 14 th to 19-th" said Koltunovich.

According to economic theory, Kondratieff cycles, after the fall needs to happen take-off, which the MP had expected in 2019, however, lamented Koltunovich, this did not happen.

We had in the 19th year start and we failed, and we have today, for example, minus 11 per cent fall in gross domestic product in the second quarter of the 20th year. Unfortunately, under this government, I can say this with confidence that Ukraine becomes uninhabitable. And the farther, the stronger", — said the Deputy.

In July, the national Bank of Ukraine has lowered its forecast for the decline in real GDP in 2020 to 6 percent from 5 percent in response to the crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19. However, according to the regulator, the deep drop is left behind in the second quarter.