Men are more often infected with coronavirus and die because of the higher than in women, the concentration of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (АПФ2) in the blood. It is due to the interaction of the cells of the coronavirus with this enzyme, the infection enters the body. Men’s vulnerability to COVID-19 explained the researchers from the European society of cardiology (ESC), RIA Novosti reported on Monday, may 11.

According to Professor of cardiology, University medical center Groningen (UMCG) Dr. Adrian Voors, it is believed that enzyme 2 (АПФ2) plays “a crucial role in the progression of lung diseases associated with COVID-19”.

the High content of this enzyme in men was able to identify the results of blood tests of more than 3.5 thousand patients with heart failure conducted prior to a pandemic coronavirus. “When we found that one of the best bioindicators, АПФ2, was much higher in men than in women, I realized that this may explain why, among men, the risk of death from COVID-19 is higher than among women,” said one of the study’s authors Dr. Isaya Itself.

Earlier, the Russian doctor-infektsionist Nikolay Malyshev explained the reason for the greater vulnerability of men in front of coronavirus them unhealthy lifestyles and addictions. He also stressed that men natural characteristics are less resistant to adverse external conditions of life than women, therefore they are more likely to get sick and die.