According to him, cited by the Global Times, his position is based on the fact that in just four days in the capital there were 79 cases of infection. “This suggests that the coronavirus are highly contagious, more contagious than the virus, discovered in Wuhan,” – said the scientist.

According to experts from the Beijing center for prevention and disease control, the virus could be imported from Europe. This is indicated by the genome sequence of a strain of coronavirus, a sample of which was taken to the city’s largest wholesale market of “Signpad” marked flash, and studied by specialists. However, he is going to compare it with samples taken from diseased to confirm his version.

Ian Janicu reminded that the mutation of the virus takes a long time, this period may take as long as 2-3 years or 20 years. Therefore, the identification of genotypes can tell about where the virus came.

earlier, the largest wholesale market of Beijing, “Sinhali” an outbreak of coronavirus. Authorities of the capital have warned about the very high risk of spread COVID-19. Vice-Premier of the state Council of China sun Chunlan for its part, has called for “stringent epidemiological investigations” in the market and around it, as well as “the careful monitoring of sources” of infection to contain the infection.

Authorities in Beijing have introduced 7120 in all residential neighborhoods of the city “wartime mode”. As of Monday, was checked about 200 thousand people. According to the latest data, infected 79 people, all of them were hospitalized.

Ian Janicu expressed confidence that this outbreak can rapidly cope, because China has accumulated rich experience in the field of prevention of epidemics. However, according to him, the new cases of infection create difficulties in creating vaccines, because the developed tool can be less effective against certain genotypes of coronavirus.

as for ways to import COVID-19 in Beijing, the expert believes that he could get to the capital of China in agricultural products (meat or poultry), which were treated with coronavirus infected people.