Pandemic coronavirus can lead to a new wave of refugees in the European Union, said the head of the European Agency for the asylum Nina Gregory.

She noted that the EU may face the influx of migrants in the near future.

“We certainly can’t report any exact numbers. We will not go into speculation as to how Europe should be expected of asylum seekers,” said Gregory, reports RT with reference to the Swedish Sveriges Radio.

“The Agency has no magic crystal, but there is information, and we are able to notice some trends. It is important to warn about this possibility as early as possible”, she said.

The Agency recorded growth in the number of applications for asylum in Europe before the beginning of the pandemic, however, after the closure in March, the number of applications decreased by almost half.

However, the European Agency notes that after the pandemic coronavirus comes poverty, hunger and instability. The lack of healthcare, high population density and illiteracy in poor countries significantly increase the level of vulnerability.

In addition, the instability in the middle East and North Africa. The Agency notes that ISIS and other terrorist groups can get people off their seats.

“When the EU border will reopen, migration may again be activated,” said Gregory.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry urged the need to provide full assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons, vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus infections, as well as the countries hosting these entities.