in their approach In combating the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus, the government of Sweden focused only on those measures which have scientific confirmation. In an interview with RBC said the Advisor to the Swedish government and who Johan Gizike. In his words, such measures only two – hand washing and distancing.

“Already at the initial stage of the epidemic, we have decided to limit implementation to only those measures that have a scientific justification. And, in our opinion, such measures only two. First, you need to wash your hands, as we knew already 150 years. Secondly, you should respect the social distance-not too close to other people. These are the two main rules,” said Wasike.

the Swedish specialist, who served for 10 years as chief epidemiologist of the country, also noted that the government in its decisions relied on the prudence of the population. “The Swedes and so themselves disciplinary. Of course, if they did not, the rate of new infections in the country would be much higher. So in a sense we can say that in our country also has some kind of quarantine,” – said Wasike.

the Scientist also said he believes it possible to produce a vaccine against the coronavirus until next year. Johan Gizike also drew attention to the fact that there is reason to believe that immunity from COVID-19 is not permanent. “However, it is believed that the immunity is valid for a limited time and not lifetime. In this case, we will probably be faced with the need to vaccinate people around the world every year, and it is extremely difficult. So I’m not entirely sure that even the vaccine will solve all the problems. The best option – every country needs to develop herd immunity,” concluded Gizike.