the hustle and Bustle in the parks and on the Antwerp quays and the city, a stroll in the spring sunshine. There were pictures of this in the last few days, more and more are forced to repeat. He was disturbed by epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme, (UAntwerpen), which emphasizes that we are our behavior itself is not allowed to adjust, because the number of hospital admissions is slowly starting to improve.

”If we, our behaviors change, we will use the impact for about two weeks, and, unfortunately, the curve will again increase,” warns Van Damme will be in IT. “We have to really take into account. The measures are very important in order to keep everything under control in Belgium.”

if you are with the rules of the court doesn’t pay attention to, adversely affect the interests of not just itself. “Only 20% of the Belgians do not do what is being asked for, and they do not comply, then it will be 100% of the Belgians, the effects of the transfer.”

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in Spite of coronacrisis remarkably, the pressure in the Antwerp streets:

the Roads and Traffic demands, once again, to Kennedyfietstunnel to be used only if really needed:
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