The oil-producing countries on Sunday agreed to end production with close to 10 million barrels per day reduction. And that’s not good news for us, because of the agreement, the prices at the pump continue to rise.

“We have a historic agreement has been reached with the members of the OPEC to the production of nearly 10 million barrels per day, to reduce from the 1st of may.” That is, the Kuwaiti Oil minister Khaled al-Fadhel has been announced.

the Concrete was decided in the OPEC countries, Russia and other oil-producing countries, on Sunday, via a video conference to be in may and June, for their production, to limit it to a 9.7-million-barrels-per-day. Mexico would not agree, but would change course after a compensatieaanbod of the united states.

The price of crude oil over the past two months, has been halved, because the demand has fallen due to the global economic downturn, by the coronapandemie. The price war between the Russian federation and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, played a role in the decline in prices.

The agreement is that the price of oil stayed.

According to the official statistics of the FPS Economy, on the 11th of april, the cost of a litre of Petrol is 95 RON, E10 1,1680 euros, and for Diesel B7, you will pay 1,2450 of the euro. Gas oil for heating the 50S (less than 2,000 liters), is now 0,4272 euro, you can buy more than 2,000 gallons that 0,3974 euro per liter. The prices will be coming soon, so increase.