Taiwan is a sportcompetitie started after the coronacrisis. On the island, off the coast of China, it was a Sunday, the profhonkbalcompetitie from the start. Actually, it would be Saturday already played because of the rain and went to the races, Taoyuan, and Taichung, and when not to.

a rigorous approach to Taiwan’s 24 million citizens, a large outbreak of the corona virus in the island, can be avoided. According to the official figures, six people in Taiwan died from COVID-19.

In some countries, it is still football, but in pretty much all of the world’s sporting competitions, but still. The honkballiefhebbers can now at least go and have a look at the competition from Taiwan, who was originally from the previous month, though it would be starting.

the Public is not allowed into the stadium. The defending champion Rakuten Monkeys, there is a solution for it. In the stands, they are not just cardboard placards with the pictures of the fans, but also the mannequins in the clothing, and the robots that are on the drums, beat.

as for the competition, are about two hundred people are allowed in the stadium, players, staff, ballenjongens, as well as journalists and officials. On the night of Sunday, there were also cheerleaders and mascots on the pitch to see it. The organization sends these all over the internet.

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