Eat for a million The Chinese called the most disgusting meals

MOSCOW, 25 APR — RIA Novosti. The author of the Chinese portal Sina has enumerated four meals, the taste and smell of which most people disgusted.

according to the author of the material, in matters of gastronomy, everything is quite subjective, but a food can’t touch “a million”.

such foods include Houttuynia, or fish the grass. This wild plant is very popular in Guizhou province. It is noted that the smell Houttuynia resembles raw fish.

“I hate the smell of fish, so don’t even dare to try — I immediately lost my appetite,” reads the article.

Second in the list is surströmming —canned fermented herring, known for its unique flavor.

“I don’t even know who will dare to try this. The smell is unbearable — like a fish StuH”, — says the author.

She noted that the Internet even existed show in which participants had to try canned surströmming. According to her, nine out of ten couldn’t bear the smell of delicacy.

To disgusting foods author took and leifang — snail noodles, which, from her point of view, it smells like a sewer.

“then I a few minutes would not let the feeling of nausea,” complains the girl.

She added that the smell of leifang can persist indoors for weeks.

the author of the article also mentioned fermented stinky tofu. As she says, not every man will dare to even try it, not to mention how to eat a whole portion.

“the Scent is so strong and stinky that lump drove to my throat. I’ll waive the tasting, how about you? — to the readers.

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