"the Queen of Russian chanson" Lubov Uspenskaya said that thinking about the past an interview with Ksenia Sobchak and Leroy Kudryavtseva. According to her, celebrities do not apologize, but only one did in the Wake of "something" similar.

Your thoughts Lyubov Uspenskaya said in an interview show "Alain, damn!". The singer said that he didn’t expect an apology from people, "which make this", but gave to understand who of the journalists in a situation more went to meet him after "offensive" interview.

Situation assumption found your "fatal" change in relations with Kudryavtseva during the interview that there was a 30-year-old daughter of singer Tatiana Plaksina. According to singer, the host was not supposed to release the gear in which the daughter had shared details of my life with her.

She takes, locks the door and begins to strangle me, – said Plaksin.

Thus, the first "normal" relationship with Kudryavtseva gave a crack, and the star was holding the journalist offense.

Wishing to explain the words of his daughter and to talk about his version of the assumption came to the show to scandalous Ksenia Sobchak. However, the interview turned out even more dramatic in relation to the singer: presenter interrupted the star, and it all ended in tears and the assumption by the sudden departure from the Studio with interviews.

I’m not looking for an apology from people who do such things.

I just expressed my opinion the same ler.

But I still said what I think. These people I have deleted from life, and all, says Ouspensky, drive her the words "".

The result of the assumption of the severed relations not only with journalists but also with his daughter Tatyana Plaksina, who left for the United States to father and still remains there.

The situation allowed the star to compare, that followed the controversial interview. According to her, after the show Kudryavtseva wrote her a message, though, and apologized.

– Luba, I’m not the producer of this program. I’m doing what I’m told. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money like you, recalls the words of a leading actress.

Earlier it was reported that Lyubov Uspenskaya disowned his only daughter Tatyana Plaksina, and advised her to "forget her".

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