Thirty-nine cases of infection with coronavirus was identified in the Altai Republic for a day, among the new cases – 12 children, according to the regional oberstab on anti-COVID-19.

"the Coronavirus was confirmed in 31 of a resident of the Kosh-Agach district, including 11 children; five residents of Gorno-Altaysk, including one child; two residents of the Mayminsky district and resident of the Ongudaysky area. The majority of new cases identified by contact with a previously ill. In five cases, diagnosed the symptoms of the disease", – stated in the message.

With this in mind, at this point in the Altai Republic 561 laboratory-confirmed cases, including 310 in the Kosh-Agach district, 127 in Gorno-Altaysk and 32 in the Maiminsky, 30 – in Ulagansky district, 27 in the Turochaksky district, 14 in the Ongudai district, a 10 – Ust-Koksinsky district, four – in Shebalinsky and Ust-Kansk areas, two in Chemal district, one in choyskiy rayon.

"Recovered 21 patients from Gorno-Altai, Kosh-Agach, Ulagansky and Mayminsky districts. According to the morning of June 26, 232 people have been discharged from medical institutions" – specify in the sit room.

For the entire period in the Altai Republic in coronavirus infection laboratory surveyed 33 964 people. Under medical observation in quarantine in the region are 1128 people.

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