Xenia Sobchak has arrived in Yekaterinburg to make a film about father Sergius, excommunicated from the Church service for provocative statements about the pandemic coronavirus, according to TV presenter already managed to visit the Ekaterinburg diocese.

June 22, in the media there is information that Sobchak became interested in the scandal surrounding chiyoumen Sredneuralskaya convent father Sergius.

The journalist was going to make a film about this story, said Orthodox activist Sergey Aliev. He said that in Ekaterinburg has arrived the Director from the team Sobchak, who a few days spoke with him and was filming material for the film.

It was assumed that the star will come to the Urals, on 25 June. It is noteworthy that the representatives of father Sergius the participation of a priest in the movie is not confirmed.

On 26 June it became known that Sobchak is already in Ekaterinburg. She had already visited the Yekaterinburg diocese, where the trial is chiyoumen, and then went to Sredneuralskaya convent.

Father Sergius, as reported by “the Rambler”, was denied the right to preach in his assessment of the pandemic coronavirus. He called the threat of the spread of infection, “the invention of the godless”, and anathematized officials, on whose initiative were closed to the Church. He also urged people not to sit in isolation and take to the streets.