the Cost of manufacturing of the carrier rocket heavy class “Angara-A5” is seven billion, three times the price of the rocket “proton-M” which it will have to be replaced. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the financial report of the Khrunichev Centre (part of “Rosatom”) in 2019.

the report also says about the necessity of reducing the cost rocket.

“Implementing these measures allows to reduce the cost of “Angara” from the current level of seven billion to the level of four billion by 2024″, — stated in the document.

In August 2019 General designer of launch vehicles Alexander Medvedev, took part in the development of the Angara family, said that the cost of heavy rocket “proton-M” due to the reduction of production will increase in 2,5 times and will be equal to the price of the vehicle “Angara-A5”.

the Khrunichev Center is considered the most problematic and unprofitable enterprise “Roscosmos”. One of the failed projects of the company is the development of media family “Angara”, which in the heavy version needs to replace the “proton-M”. Rockets is more than a quarter century and took more than three billion dollars. In light and heavy versions, the carrier flew twice (in 2014). Currently the debts of the Center Khrunichev exceed 80 billion rubles, which is comparable to the annual budget of the Corporation.