Environmentalists said a serious threat of extinction of Ukrainian Polissya due to project E-40. This writes the “observer”, a translation of an article published by the new York times.

According to the publication, the project E-40 for several years working Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. It envisages the creation of waterways that will cross the river Vistula, bug, Foam, Pripyat, Dnieper, and will connect Polish ports of Gdansk and Kherson Ukrainian.

Also planned is the construction of infrastructure facilities, ensuring the passage of vessels 80 metres in length, and in February, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley stated that the project has reached the stage of practical implementation.

While environmentalists believe that its implementation will lead to the fact that the woodland, the habitat of many animals and birds, and recent anthropogenic unmodified region will be destroyed.

“the berries will Disappear and animals will break out of fire due to ignition of peat, after which it will encounter a sand storm,” explained the Belarusian ecologist Ivan Parnikoza, doubting the demand for this waterway.