In the United States, there is a crisis due to the coronavirus. The reason for this was the insufficient funding of the health system. Such abstracts were made by the head of the Federal center for control and disease prevention Robert Redfield.

A loud announcement came from the podium of Congress. There were the main medic of the United States.

“We all did everything possible to cope with this virus, and the reality is that he brought a nation to its knees,” criticized Robert Redfield in address of official Washington: “Main features of the system of public health in the United States was significantly underfunded. This happened for a long time. We need urgent investment”.

Robert Redfield blamed the short-sightedness of Donald trump. He downplayed risks and neadekvatno assessed the damage, which could cause the United States the pandemic. In addition to the now Donald trump demands to reduce the number of tests. In this he sees the solution to the problem of coronavirus in the United States.

“This makes the United States poor,” said the US President at a rally in Oklahoma, and then asked the doctors to do less testing.

At first everyone thought it was a joke. Reducing the number of tests will not help to cope with the epidemic. But in communication with reporters, the us leader said that his words were not a joke. Doctors even had to reassure the public that they are not going to reduce the number of tests. And even Vice versa. Soon the doctors plan to increase their number.

The United States is now a leader in coronavirus statistics. Before the first place among the American States held in new York. Now, however, the baton was intercepted by CA. While the US kneel before the pandemic.