Less than 8 thousand new cases of coronavirus in Russia for the first time since April, who announced the breakthrough in the treatment COVID-19, China is trying to prevent a second wave of infection.

the country identified 553 301 case COVID-19, according to the Federal operational headquarters. For the last day was found 7 843 new cases, the value for the first time since may 1 fell below 8 thousand.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the country died 7 478 patients with coronavirus, the number of deaths per day increased by 194. During the day, recovered 10 036 patients with coronavirus.

Inexpensive and readily available drug dexamethasone can help to save the lives of many seriously ill patients, diagnosed with coronavirus, say British scientists. According to the researchers, the inclusion of dexamethasone in the treatment reduces the risk of death by 33% for patients on artificial lung ventilation (ALV) and 20% of patients on ecmo (method of blood oxygen saturation).

the Results of clinical trials of steroid drug dexamethasone in the treatment of coronavirus infection in the UK is a scientific breakthrough, said Director General of the world health organization Tedros of Ghebreyesus.

The anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone, which has proven its effectiveness when complications COVID-19, there are side effects. Honored doctor of Russia Mikhail Kagan said that the drug, according to the preliminary results of the study, does not affect the virus itself, it only reduces excessive inflammation that occurs in the body after infection.

Many of the resorts of the Krasnodar, Stavropol and the Altai territory have already opened their doors for vacationers, and in the Crimea, tourists from other regions of Russia are waiting for 1 July. However, as described in ATOR, due coronavirus sanatorium obliged to settle only those visitors, who will show three defined CPS reference: resort map extract from the medical history and the direction of a physician; certificate of absence of coronavirus, obtained 72 hours prior to departure to the place of rest; a certificate of health.

Auto made a road map of the Russian resort, which is already possible to go by car. They are, unfortunately, not so much.

the Tests will be carried out on two groups of volunteers for 38 people each. The first of them will be vaccinated in the next two days.

Scientists at the University of Maryland in the United States identified a mixture of antibodies, which may be a new effective means of antiviral therapy against coronaviruses SARS-CoV-2.

Millions of Beijingers live again in conditions of quarantine restrictions. Wednesday in the town got sick COVID-19 of 31 people, and for the last seven days 137.

Before that, the Chinese capital has lived 57 days without a single case months��tion of infection. The virus was detected only visitors. It is believed that the source of the new outbreak has become a huge wholesale market, “Sinhali” through which receives about 80% of its 21-million city meats and vegetables.

Physicists have calculated how masks and respirators interact with droplets of sputum during coughing fits, and came to the conclusion that frequent and prolonged cough reduces their efficiency by about 10%. During a cough the individual particles flying at a distance of about 70 cm, the researchers say. This should be considered when determining minimum distances between people as part of the policy of social distancing.

the Loss of the United States during the First world war was 116 516 people. While from the coronavirus in the United States died 116 917 people. According to the project of the Johns Hopkins University, United States continue ranks first in the number of people infected with coronavirus: 2 136 043. More than 583,5 thousand people were cured.

According to the authorities, by the end of July in the capital of India Delhi can be more than half a million cases of coronavirus. Now in Mumbai, the most affected by coronavirus cities of India, the number of cases COVID-19 more than in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Hospitals can not cope with the number of patients and many of them die without treatment.

the Development of immunity in the population was one of the objectives of the Swedish strategy involving the abandonment of rigid quarantine. But if in the Italian Bergamo antibodies found in every second inhabitant in Stockholm — just 14%.

Obesity is the number one problem in the world. The rate of increase of people with excess body weight are increasing. And this creates a lot of serious complications, such as when the same viral diseases.

in people with obesity after exposure to the virus is more persistent penetration into the cell, the virus replicates much faster and longer creates a lot of copies, hitting the large “square” that almost inevitably causes an acute inflammatory response called “cytokine storm.”

From 1 July annually indexation of tariffs for utilities. According to the government order, in the second half of the year 2020 they will grow on average by 4%. For comparison, over the same period last year was 2.4 percent.

the Government recommended the regional authorities to change tariffs for payment of utilities taking into account the income level of the population and measures for social protection of disadvantaged categories of citizens.

In Moscow, a new stage began lifting restrictions. Earned museums and zoos, and also opened cafes and restaurants with summer terrace. On the first day of the veranda was crowded with the visitors. When moving through the territory they need to wear mask and gloveand but at the table they can be removed. Employees of cafes and restaurants are also required to wear masks when serving visitors.

While in Germany, visitors are asked to wear funny hats, and in Japan people are seated on the capsules, a restaurant in Michigan has filled my room “ghosts”. The owner of family restaurant, Trattoria Da Luigi in Royal oak says that this idea came to mind his wife. Other restaurants usually just get some tables, but Luigi Cutraro do not like this idea.