the Ministry of culture of Russia, which recognized victim in the case, “the Seventh Studio”, reduced the amount of the claims to the accused, including the Director Kirill Serebrennikov, more than 4 million rubles. Thus, the Agency acknowledged the right third examination, conducted on the case. In the Meshchansky court continued the trial on the merits, on Wednesday was questioned by the representative of the Ministry of culture. The defendants in the course of her interview, drew attention to the arising in the next conflict.

yesterday in court, recall, was questioned expert Elena Bazhenova, whose study of the costs of implementation of the project “Platform” has shown that only money plays, exhibitions, performances and other activities were spent 87 million rubles from 264 allocated by the Ministry of culture. It turned out that the lack 128,9 million rubles, whereas the result was called the stolen amount to 133 million.

— You confirm that the Ministry caused the damage set out in the examination?, – asked the representative of state charge from a lawyer of the Ministry of culture Lyudmila Smirnova.

‘Yes,’ said the lawyer.

And explained how the damage was caused: “was fictitious contracts, cashed the money, there was an overestimation of the value activities.”

According to Smirnova, the Ministry in 2015 were audited, it was necessary to check the work of the Department, and who was to check the participants of the test group selected. In particular, we checked the documentation of the “Platform” under government contracts and subsidies.

“the Primary documents confirming the expenditures do not exist. Was this proposal — to provide primary documents for “Platform”. It was noted that the timing of events is not consistent with the creative reports. Responsible was Apfelbaum,— read Smirnova comments from the inspection report.

In her words, “a primary” the “Seventh Studio” was requested but it was not submitted.

Smirnov was asked about the credentials of the former official of the Ministry of culture Sofia Apfelbaum. It two days ago showed the court his job description, which was not the designated functions of expenditure control “Platform”.

But Smirnov said Apfelbaum, according to its official instructions, was to provide “targeted and effective spending of Federal budget funds”.

Smirnov Also said that it would clarify the claims against the defendants.

the Defense responded: the claim must be brought by the other defendants in the case — the chief accountant Nina Massieu, producer of the “Seventh Studio” Ekaterina Voronova, whose materials were selected investigation in a separate proceeding.

the Lawyer Dmitry Kharitonov asked Smirnova, why in the process the Ministry says the damage at 129 million rubles., and just an hour ago in the percentessays where judge Masleeva, the Ministry said the claim by 133 million rubles?

Tell me, the Ministry of culture wants to illegally enrich themselves? — asked a pungent question to a lawyer the lawyer Alexei Malopolska Ksenya Karpinskaya.

the Judge in question was removed.

To Smirnova in court was questioned by the investigator of the head investigative Department of the TFR Pavel Vasilyev. It caused due to the fact that the defendants stated that they were subject to pressure.

In particular, this was stated recently interviewed Eleonora Filimonova — the unofficial accountant, “the Seventh Studio”.

in addition, the judge read Vasiliev minutes of the confrontation, Nina Massieu and Alexei Malopolska, which was held by the investigator. Malopolski stated that “still in handcuffs, and he was not given the opportunity to communicate confidentially with a lawyer.” Also, it noted: lawyer Malopolska said that investigative actions were carried out under pressure, since the witnesses were in handcuffs.

Vasilyev the fact of pressure on anyone denied.

the Lawyers asked him a question: it turns out that Eleonora Filimonova now, in court, decided to negotiate?

Why is she now giving such testimony, I do not know,— said the investigator.

– You raise your voice at Filimonov? — Vasilyev asked the judge.

Vasilyev did not deny that increased. But this, according to him, was due to the fact that the lawyer filimonovoy broke down the door.

— Slammed the door of the soul and bent the tongue. It was out investigations,— said the investigator.

And why did he slam the door? — asked the investigator.

were Outraged that their long forced to wait. More than 15 minutes,— said the investigator.

– Kirill Semenovich, are there any questions for the investigator? – the judge asked Kirill Serebrennikov.

With me, the investigator Vasiliev was correct, immediately said the Director.

And he added: “just me.”

And when in the course of this meeting, the judge clarified the issues associated with cashing money Serebrennikov was also asked about “cashing”.

I didn’t even know where accounting,— said Serebrennikov.