the Scientists who conducted independent research in medical institutions of China, Columbia University in the United States and Mazandaransky medical University of Iran confirmed the relationship between blood group and severity of coronavirus. About it writes “the Russian newspaper” with reference to publication in the journal the New England Journal of Medicine.

the Researchers concluded that the greatest risk of severe disease due to coronavirus are the carriers of the second group of blood. In addition, for the third and fourth groups, the risk of serious illness less than a second, but more than the first.

“the Influence of blood groups is not explained by the risk factors that we examined (age, gender, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic cardiovascular disease and lung disease)”, — explained the scientists. Thus, the impact of chronic diseases on the severity of the coronavirus infection has been investigated.

Also, scientists stress that these results are preliminary and require further study and confirmation.

Earlier it was reported that British scientists from Southampton University have created an inhaler for self-treatment of coronavirus. The device is intended for therapy in the early stage of the disease. According to the authors of the study, if you start treatment COVID-19 at the time, it is possible to prevent the most serious complications, including death.