In the Chinese city of Baoding imposed martial law in the outbreak of coronavirus, which occurred in Beijing. The fact that 11 million Baoding is only 140 kilometers from the capital, and between the two towns established close freight and passenger service.

“the Operational headquarters for the fight against the epidemic said about the early introduction of martial law and trigger the wartime to prevent the spread of the epidemic in Baoding,” – said on the website of the city government. Authorities urged people to be vigilant, monitor their health and use protective equipment, and in the event of indisposition immediately consult a doctor.

earlier, the largest wholesale market of Beijing, “Sinhali” an outbreak of coronavirus. Authorities of the capital have warned about the very high risk of spread COVID-19. Vice-Premier of the state Council of China sun Chunlan for its part, has called for “stringent epidemiological investigations” in the market and around it, as well as “the careful monitoring of sources” of infection to contain the infection. According to our investigation, a coronavirus was detected on the Board for cutting by imported salmon.

the area surrounding the market was introduced a state of emergency, suspended the work of other wholesale markets of Beijing. The city canceled classes in schools and sporting events.

Authorities began testing all those working in the market as well as all people living in the hearth of infection and the surrounding areas. Last night in town for the coronavirus was tested more than 76 thousand people. A positive test was at 59 people, at least 45 of them visited the market.

these cases in the market have become the first in the capital after a two month break. Until 11 June in Beijing for 56 days did not register any local infection COVID-19.