Beijing has silenced about the Chinese origin of the coronavirus in the article ambassadors of the European Union. About it reports The Telegraph.

It is noted that the European Union went to the demands of censorship by the foreign Ministry of China. In particular, the European external action service agreed to remove the reference to “the outbreak of the coronavirus in China,” as the reason for the cancellation of the March summit, EU-China in the letter of the ambassadors, which was published in the newspaper China Daily.

It is emphasized that not the first case when the EU change the wording at the request of China. So, two weeks ago, representatives of the Alliance have softened some of the language in condemning China, after repeated calls by Chinese officials.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has repeatedly called a racist because of his words about “Chinese” or “Wuhan” the coronavirus. These words offend the Asian Diaspora in the US and the Chinese authorities. The confrontation in terms of also almost resulted in the dispute of the countries “Big seven”: the online the talks of the foreign Ministers of the U.S. representative Michael Pompeo demanded that General statement used the phrase “Wuhan virus”.