In the refugee reception center near the French city of Troyes there was a mass brawl. According to Ouest-France, about 50 natives of Chechnya staged the lynching of immigrants from Africa.

It is known that the attack happened on the night of 25 April. According to the security center, the Chechens were armed with bats and iron bars.

The reason the mob was beating Chechen child at the local football field. As a result, was detained and placed under arrest three of the attackers. The number of injured security personnel and two refugees.

Center it was decided to evacuate to avoid further conflict.

Previously, on 27 April, it was reported about clashes between Chechens and drug traffickers in France. The incident occurred in one of the residential areas of nice, where reside including natives of Chechnya. Local drug traffickers opened fire and wounded two young Chechens.