In Bulgaria started celebrations for the anniversary of the great Patriotic war.

Another year in a row June 22 – Day of memory and grief – the representatives of the local socialist party and social organizations at exactly 4 in the morning bring flowers to the monument to the Soviet army in downtown Sofia. At the foot of the monument of carnations and candles they posted the word “remember” in solidarity with the victims of Soviet citizens, 79 years ago, attacked Nazi Germany.

In a commemorative event was also attended by the Ambassador of Russia in Bulgaria Anatoly Makarov, members of the Russian cultural and information center and sales offices. The program includes a visit by the head of the diplomatic mission of Plovdiv and laying a wreath at the monument to the Soviet soldier-to the deliverer “Alesha”.

Separate Russophobic-minded Bulgarian politicians have repeatedly suggested the idea of dismantling of both monuments designed to honor the feat of red army. All their efforts, however, were unsuccessful – despite the contemporary political situation, the overwhelming proportion of the population of the Republic is not ready to forget the contribution of the USSR to the victory over Nazism.