The UK government will reduce to zero the role of Chinese company Huawei in the deployment of 5G networks in the Kingdom, and by 2023 may completely stop the use of its products in the British communications infrastructure. As reported on Friday evening on its website, the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, plans the necessary steps ordered to develop the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

"He still wants to keep relations with China, but the extent of deals on Huawei will be significantly reduced. Specialized structures tasked as quickly as possible to develop a plan to reduce the role of Huawei", – told the newspaper source. While the Prime Minister’s office on Downing street, 10, to comment on this information the publication refused.

The Daily Telegraph notes that Johnson is likely getting ready to announce the change of the position of the British government on Huawei ahead of the meeting with the President of the United States Donald trump. Earlier Friday, in the office of the British Prime Minister announced that he considers the opportunity in June to attend the G7 summit, which, according to trump, with a high probability will take place face to face in the White house. The publication draws attention to the fact that the conclusion of a trade agreement with the United States for Johnson becomes one of the main tasks, as trade negotiations with the EU are at an impasse. The position of the Prime Minister could also affect the increasing in Western countries, the distrust of the Chinese leadership against the backdrop of a pandemic disease caused by a novel coronavirus.

Trump previously warned by the UK that the cooperation of the Kingdom with Huawei threatens the security of the country. The American side also warned that the use of Huawei equipment in British infrastructure, new generation of communication may hinder the exchange of information through intelligence Alliance Five Eyes. Despite this, in January this year, the government Johnson decided to bring Huawei to the development of the British networks, but with restrictions. The company was not allowed to be a supplier of critical components and the share of it equipment in the British 5G networks restricted to 35%.

Corporation Huawei was founded in 1987. It produces telecommunications equipment, and consumer devices, smartphones. Products and services of the company are available in more than 170 countries. In the United States against Huawei, its subsidiaries and its CFO Meng Wanzhou indicted on 23 counts, including industrial espionage and violating us sanctions against Iran. Washington, leading a trade war with Beijing, calling on its allies to abandon Huawei products, stating that it could jeopardize national security, where used.