Brazil beat Russia in the number of people infected with coronavirus. This is evidenced by data project at Johns Hopkins University.

the Number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in Brazil reached 330 890, while in Russia the infected 326 448 people.

For the last day in Brazil was another record growth of positive tests for coronavirus — 20 803. Also the day he died 1001 people, the total number of deaths reached 21 048.

may 20 mortality due to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Brazil broke the previous record for the day was recorded 1179 deaths.

the Brazilian Informed the medical expert expressed his concerns regarding the real number of cases in the country: in his view, there may be more than 3.5 million, but the authorities do not have tests to identify all infected persons.

the Total number of people infected with coronavirus in the world has exceeded 5.2 million. 338 121 people died, more than two million have recovered. In the first place by the number of those infected remain USA (1 600 723).