A reporter for CBS News Errol Barnett (Barnett Errol) conducted an interview with Democratic candidate Joe Biden, his piece published on the website of the channel.

The journalist asked, did the Democrat test for cognitive abilities. In response, he laughed and said that this is comparable to the question of whether Barnett uses drugs.

“What the hell am I supposed to pass this test? Look, it’s the same thing as saying: "You before his transfer took the test for cocaine or not? Are you an addict?” — outraged the Democrat. In response, Barnett said that his question was motivated by the statements of the current President of the United States and rival Biden at the election of Donald trump.

Concern about the mental health of Biden was a subject of much discussion since, as he announced his entry into the presidential race. Over the past few months, Biden has made a number of mistakes in the course of television interviews and campaign speeches. Trump has repeatedly insulted Biden because of his hesitation and inappropriate statements, insisting that the former Vice President of the United States is not mentally capable to hold the office.

U.S. elections scheduled for November 3, 2020. According to the published ratings, at this point Biden is ahead of trump by almost 10 percent.