The Network distributed a video in which the Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab raises the fallen state symbols immediately after a powerful explosion in Beirut.

Disclosed the cause of the terrible explosion in Beirut

The explosion, which affected half of the Lebanese capital, caught the Prime Minister in the workplace. The shock wave rocked the building of government house, the Cabinet Diab was destroyed.

The first thing a politician went to rescue the state symbols to raise and hoist the flags of their country.

As reported by “the Rambler”, in the port capital of Lebanon on Tuesday afternoon, two explosions. According to the official version, exploded confiscated from the ships smuggled explosives – ammonium nitrate. Presumably, the stock is shorted, started a fire.

According to the latest data, the blast killed 63 people, injured almost three thousand people.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent a telegram of condolence to President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun. 5 August, the country’s national day of mourning.