At the construction site of the new international airport in Mexico city found the remains of 60 mammoths, as well as 15 human burials of the pre-Hispanic period. The message on it appeared on the website of the National Institute of anthropology and history of Mexico.

“Discovered discovery will allow us to move forward in understanding the evolution of the basin of Mexico. The instances of mammoths inhabited North America in the Pleistocene period which ended about 12 thousand years ago” – citing a source, writes RIA Novosti.

Human burials, found by archaeologists belonged to farmers who were buried with household utensils. Preserved pottery has allowed scientists to establish that the settlement belongs to the VIII-X centuries of our era. Experts said that the excavation will not affect the construction of the new airport. The plans of the historians to include part of the archaeological finds in the Museum-reserve in the territory of the future complex of the airport of a name of General Felipe Angeles.