a Former producer of the famous actress Elina Bystritskaya – Xenia Rubtsova, which is accused of the kidnapping of more than 35 million rubles from the accounts of the actress, can get 4 years of General regime colony. Such term sought for woman Prosecutor on Monday, June 22, in the Zamoskvoretsky court debate of the parties.

Meanwhile, the lawyers of the accused insist on the justification of the producer, because the key proof of her guilt – signature Bystritskaya in the statement of the crime belongs to another person.

First, the Prosecutor reminded the plot of the case. According to the Prosecutor, Bystritskaya met Scar in 2010-2011. The first time women are “communicated in confidence,” admitted a well known fact the state Prosecutor. However, such a relationship Rubtsou was made for one reason – to obtain a power of attorney to dispose of the money of the artist. When it happened, Rubtsova gradually began to withdraw substantial amounts of money.

the Defendant, according to the Prosecutor, was seriously overstated the costs of the Actresses for Example, instead of the real 30 thousand rubles on the driver stated that his services cost about 150 thousand rubles. The same story was with the nurses, makeup artists, doctors, etc. moreover, according to the Prosecutor the last time Bystritskaya was not makeup artists -only once on the 90th anniversary came the make-up artist of the Bolshoi theatre. The woman was paid five thousand rubles, but not 200 thousand, as stated in acts of the performed works.

the lawyer of the injured Sophia of Segelman – sisters Bystritskaya said that her doveritelnyi, arrived in Moscow shortly before her death, found that in poor condition. Nurses who were nearby, did not know how to care for immobile patients, the body Bystritskaya was bruising because she is constantly falling.

At the end of his speech, the lawyer has asked not to consider Rubtsou, who was a part-time producer of “Buranovskiye grandmothers”, “uneducated person”:

– She has registered the trademark “Buranovskie babushki” and the completely changed composition. Baranoski grandmothers are no longer there, – with a smile said the lawyer.

At the same time the lawyer of Scar declared that its client should be justified, because the key evidence in the case – the signature under the statement about the crime Bystritskaya is a fake and it’s obvious to the layman. The lawyer said that Siegelman Sophia arrived in Moscow before the death of her famous sister and learned that a written power of attorney for his girlfriend Rubtsov initiated a criminal case. Additionally, the nurse shielded the Bystritskaya not only from the producer but also from the outside world. According to the lawyer, the investigators decided not to pursue the confrontation between Scar and Bystritskaya, while she was still alive, though stated that the actress wrote sthe application consciously. Meeting ex-girlfriends, I’m sure the lawyer has placed all points over i.

– That she was there when Bystritskaya was doing heart surgery, not numerous relatives from Israel… to Help Bystritskaya for Scar, it was a matter of honor, she considered it a duty to do everything to Bystritskaya did not forget, – finished his speech the lawyer, adding that almost all of the prosecution witnesses actually witnessed the protection, because given the extremely positive features of doveritelnyi.

She Xenia nervously said that he loved and still loves Elina Bystritskaya and would not allow myself under any circumstances to lie to her:

– Your honor, I am a believer and believe me, I would have found the strength to pay the penalty if committed the crime. I ask you to hear me and to make a fair decision.