In the trial of historian Oleg Sokolov, dismembered graduate student Anatasia Yeshchenko, witnesses described the events from the moment he was pulled from the river embankment. Slightly recovering himself, Sokolov began to lie about what he saw the backpack in the river and decided to get it out. If not sticking out of his pocket in trauma, the police would let him go to the hospital with the world.

Historian Oleg Sokolov dismantler finally changed counsel. Since the beginning of the process he was defended by lawyer Alexander Pachev. After the start of the trial it turned out that Sokolov wants him to have had another defender who was not familiar with the case at the stage of preliminary investigation, Sergey Lukyanov.

a Couple of weeks continued this mess, Lukyanov allegedly could not conclude an agreement with the defendant or did not come to court. Historian, refused from a lawyer and agree with the others, got no protection and so are not supposed to. In the end, the court called for regular meeting of June 22, counsel, and miraculously, the same day Lukyanov was finally in place.

the First thing the falcons refused to defend the appointment. Sergey Lukyanov once again asked to see the evidence – for example, a laptop computer, which he, according to him, it is not seen, although some of the evidence reviewed in the October district court on Thursday. The Prosecutor stated that the evidence can present in court at the next meeting, the defender insisted that he should read them in advance. The court rejected the evidence presented immediately to the court.

“a Strange way the information gets to the Internet” – has made an important remark by the judge. It considered that better evidence will see in court all at once, than to review the details to the press, as has happened with the scandalous video of the last quarrel Yeshchenko and Sokolova, filmed on the phone of the historian.

as a result, on June 22 started the giving of evidence by the prosecution – the court has invited the two witnesses.

In the last hearing have not heard, how do you plead? – clarified an important detail by the judge.

My client replied that he will answer later. – said Lukyanov.

– the Defendant, when you’re willing to testify?

– the Readings will be given after examining the evidence of the prosecution.

the First witnesses questioned Igor Quicktune – physician anaesthetist urban “Emergency.” It was his team arrived to resuscitate Sokolova after a bath in the Sink.

“on 8 November at around 4 a.m. the call came in on the Moika drowning. Was directed our resuscitation team. I and two nurses. Upon arrival to the scene we saw on the shore of the Sink of the linear substation Ambulance staff ��Emergency and police personnel.

In the Ambulance we saw sitting Sokolova: the man was a long time in cold water, got hypothermia. At the time of inspection Sokolov was excited, inadequate, did not evaluate environment. He was yelling completely incoherent words: “don’t touch me, don’t come near me.” Resisted medical examination. We had to undress and put on a stretcher, and he was holding a backpack and didn’t want to leave.”

By the time they started resuscitation, the police are almost gone, he remained, according to the witness, a couple of staff. But then, while Sokolov was stripped, the doctor saw sticking out of his jacket pocket a gun and told the police.

“Sokolova calmed down a bit, recorded, put droppers, did cardio, he told the doctor. The police officer said that the patient has a gun. The policeman said it was traumatic.

the police Officer unzipped his backpack, pulled out a package, staggered: they said that there hands. “Want to watch?” We said “no”. Sokolova handcuffed. By the time the place was left two police officers, one of them was bad.”

duct-taped body parts were Packed in two packages.

the case, heard in court, you know, part of the body of the murdered Anastasia All these details Sokolov was listening with my head bowed down.

the Doctor explained that at the moment when the historian first came out of the Wash, the falcons could have died. But in the er Mary hospital warmed up and said that the backpack was not his.

“it was night, there were few people, there was a gorgeous warm bed. Patient calmed down and became adequate. I was surprised that he suddenly became so quiet. I walked over and asked: “Oleg Valerievich, what happened? He calmly said, “I am a teacher of the University, was drinking at home with friends-officers. Then went for a walk, saw the floats Sink backpack. I was interested in the contents, I decided to get it out. From Washing alone couldn’t get out called the secret service.”

the hospital Sokolov did not ask him where his backpack. The hearing will continue on June 29, then will be questioned by other witnesses and examined physical evidence. The falcons, meanwhile, for the second time not guilty. Although at the stage of investigation acknowledged and fiercely repented. Whether it is connected with change of the lawyer – is not known.