Another country has declared victory over coronavirus — Mauritius was no new case for 17 days, and all patients were discharged. It is reported by The Jakarta Post.

“We won the battle thanks to the cooperation with the society”, — said the Minister of health has Kyles Gutpela.

In particular, in the country were involved in strict quarantine, closed borders, worked supermarkets. The country is still not in a hurry to access public places, including beaches and schools.

The estimated chance of infection COVID-19 recover

For all the time in Mauritius was recorded 332 cases of infection with coronavirus, 10 people died, the rest recovered.

Earlier it was reported that the coronavirus retreated to Thailand — may 13 there for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic not recorded any new cases and no deaths. Despite the positive news, authorities urged residents not to abandon precautions to fight infection. In particular, washing hands often, wear masks, to keep social distance.