The Israeli Cabinet on July 17 decided to recover some of the restrictions that had previously been introduced from the coronavirus. As reported by the Times of Israel, 17:00 July 17, the country will close a fitness clubs.

In addition, on Friday evening, restaurants are forbidden to receive visitors, meals will be available only on takeaway or delivery.

Re quarantine: the EU country is closed again

Meeting more than ten people in the room and more than 20 on the street are prohibited.

Weekend work only pharmacies and supermarkets, the other stores are closed. Next Friday, 24 July, the beaches will begin to close on weekends.

Shopping malls, markets, Barber shops, beauty salons, libraries, zoos, museums, swimming pools and tourist facilities will also be closed on weekends.

Times of Israel notes that in the near future may be decided on the closure of kindergartens and summer schools.

As reported by “the Rambler”, in early July the increase of patients in Israel has doubled. In the last 24 hours in the country recorded 1 939 new cases of coronavirus. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that within three weeks the country will be 1600 patients in serious condition, if the limits are not renewed.