Polina Gagarina took them seriously.

As she previously admitted, she has to battle with a genetic predisposition to weight gain.

To keep yourself in shape, you need all the time to diet and exercise.

After the second birth, the singer has added as much as 30 pounds. With great effort, she returned to the previous size.

And now, it seems that Pauline has been able to achieve the desired result. She lost weight.

So much so that in hastahah under your “flying” photos in bikini ironically wrote “feed her”. And offered to subscribers by coming up with that caption.

Indeed, it is easy walking along the sea pier, the girl looks quite thin. Ribs it is possible to count.

Fans excited – isn’t it time to start eating a few more? Accordingly, comments are mainly about this.

“Feed already Pauline!”, “Of course beautiful, only ugly skinny”, “skinny you were”, “What have you done to yourself!”, “Too skinny, need to gain”, “Run for food”, “anorexia catching up?!”.

As reneurial “the Rambler”, the singer Polina Gagarina has a rest in Turkey with a sound-producer Vladimir Tinaevym, with whom she’s having an affair.

Gagarin and Chinaev relax in the luxury five-star hotel Vogue Hotel Bodrum Supreme.

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