The head of the working group on international legal issues at the permanent mission of the Republic of Crimea under the RF President Alexander Moloch called the launch a large Ukrainian flag in the direction of the Crimea senseless action by comparing it with an episode of the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh.

Earlier, the Ukrainian media reported that on the border with Crimea, a group of Ukrainian activists has launched a peninsular on the balloons 25-meter Ukrainian flag and 2 leaflets with the inscription: "Crimea is Ukraine". Where the submitted flag is unknown.

"the Idea of the balloon on the Russian-Ukrainian border at Chongar area vividly reminds you a cartoon about Winnie the Pooh, just as the collective harmless Piglet were not fully adequate Ukrainian activists," said Moloch RIA Novosti.

According to him, the campaign of Ukrainian nationalists is inherently empty, worthless and meaningless. "in One word, what would the child played, if only did not cry," said Moloch.