In Russia, an underwater robot drone “Surrogate” has been designed, which with the help of acoustics simulates a submarine to deceive the enemy. This was reported to RIA Novosti by a representative of the Central Design Bureau of Marine Equipment (CCB MT) “Rubin”.

“The improvement of acoustic systems makes it possible to more and more confidently simulate the acoustic portrait of a submarine with an accuracy sufficient to “deceive” aircraft and ship detection systems, and in the future-stationary systems. Rubin presented a concept project of the Surrogate robotic complex for conducting exercises, ” the representative said.

According to him, a large submarine simulator is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. The “surrogate” is capable of operating for up to 15-16 hours, while all the time it will reproduce the “maneuvering of the submarine”, including at high speeds.

Earlier, an unnamed representative of the Central Design Bureau of MT Rubin said that Russia has created underwater drones designed to track enemy submarines that are already being tested.

In April, the Central Design Bureau “Rubin” developed a submerged patrol ship “Guardian”. The project of the vessel combining the advantages of a submarine and a surface ship was presented in April. The developers believe that their project will be of interest to foreign customers.