France will allocate 30 billion euros ($35 billion) to support environmental projects. Ammodernare in the country will be held in parallel with the economic transformations. Will focus on three priority sectors: energy update, transport and energy.

Among the government’s plans – increase in loans for housing repairs to make homes more energy efficient, increasing the use of rail freight, expanding networks of bike lanes and support of electric and hybrid vehicles.

“Economic stimulus and environmental stimulus. Over the last twenty years France has reduced CO2 emissions by 20%, but at the same time, its carbon footprint has increased by 17%. What happened? We stopped producing carbon products in France to produce it in other places. All the efforts made within our borders, we lost because of imports. Therefore, our goal is to continue to reduce the CO2 emissions of the localization of industries of the XXI century in France,” – said economy Minister Bruno Le Mayor publication Journal du Dimanche.

These investments are part of the additional 100 billion euros spending announced this month by President Emmanuel Macron to convert France to the carbon-free economy in Europe.

The Minister added that in order to “ecological transition was adopted by all the French, it needs to create jobs.”

“Therefore, we will begin the process of training to our choice of new industries leading to new jobs. This involves the development of either employees who work on the transformed professions or the training of young people entering the labor market,” said Le Mayor, who assured the creation of a hundred thousand new jobs through “green stimulus.”

At the University of Haifa has developed a method of production of residues watermelon – bioethanol – an alternative fuel for vehicles.