French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and his sailors defeated the coronavirus, according to a news Agency. The flagship of the French fleet was forced to return from a long voyage and to stand together with its accompanying frigate Chevalier Paul at complete disinfection. COVID-19 was diagnosed in 1082 of the members of the two crews. Now the quarantine lasts only 18 people whose health does not cause fears in the coming days they will be sent home in short-term sick leave.Two more people remained in hospital, one of them, a naval officer, still in intensive care.The press-Secretary of the Navy captain first rank Eric Laveau reported that disinfection of the completed vehicle, Charles de Gaulle ready to March, but the coming months will remain in the port. Investigation conducted by group of epidemiologists and the military, trying to figure out how the virus got on Board the ship. Most likely, it happened during pre-quarantine in France, stopping in Brest.Read more about quarantine on the aircraft carrier, in the publication “Kommersant”, “places to stand, with the virus removed”.Alexey Tarkhanov, Paris