the unemployment rate in the United States in may and June may exceed 20% due to the economic consequences of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. This was stated by the Chairman of the Council of economic advisers under US President Kevin Hassett, in an interview with CBS.

According to him, the country now has more than 30 million people have sent initial application to receive unemployment benefits. “This is the biggest shock to the labor market since the Second world war” – quoted by TASS Hasset. In his opinion, the peak of fall employment will be in may or June, the unemployment rate is expected to be above 20% before the labor market stabiliziruemost.

Earlier, the labor Department reported that the unemployment rate in the country in April rose to a record 14.7 per cent to 20.5 million people lost their jobs over the month. Analysts noted that the real unemployment rate in the medium term can come close to the times of the great depression. In 1933, this important macroeconomic indicator reached 25 percent.