To quickly respond to the situation, the company vigorously develop the online activity and also adopt flexible planning to the particular event was not tied to a specific timeline, but it could be arranged quickly. As for working in online mode, the site DZT created a separate section, which tells about the current situation around the coronavirus and the situation with inbound tourism in Germany.

In online and transferred the tourism business forum Germany Travel Mart, which has existed for over 46 years. He was held in Rostock from 10 to 12 may, but the pandemic has confused all plans. Therefore, the DZT has created an online workshop (workshop) in Germany as a tourist destination. Seminars and conferences remotely will be held 22-24 June. As for the forum, the event is postponed to 2021.

As noted by Tobias Weitendorf, the head of the tourism Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where must pass the event, “we are already looking forward to the opportunity to welcome key representatives of the international travel industry on the “live” GTM from 25 to 27 April 2021. And while we use virtual GTM 2020 to present our Federal land through webinar”.

Since March 16, the DZT has started an online campaign #DiscoverGermanyFromHome (Open Germany from home). The format has proved successful – at the beginning of may managed to raise 9.6 million users. The objective is to lure potential tourists, to talk about Germany so I wanted to go there. Information on all 16 Federal States, their attractions, maps, recipes of local dishes, quiz – represented everything that could awaken interest in the region. “The next step will be to expand the suggestions using chat-bot, – explained the “RG” in DZT. – Potential visitors in Germany will get the most relevant information on trip planning, legal aspects and tourism proposals.”

If we talk about flexibility of travel plans, the beginning of the recovery of the industry is expected in the second half of the year. The DZT and the collaborating companies are trying to quickly adjust advertising projects, given the characteristics of the markets of other countries.

Chairman of the Board DZT Peter Hedorfer said that “the decline in bookings from the key countries from where most tourists come to Germany, as well as the uncertainty of the customers entail a huge economic problem for the tourism industry, including for small and medium-sized businesses in this area.” According to her, the national tourist office of Germany endeavoured to cooperate closely with international tour operators and online travel agencies, informing them about possible measures to restore tourist traffic.

“I am Convinced that the brand of Germany as a tourist destination it remains popular��black tourists and those who come for business purposes, and will overcome difficult times”, – said Hedorfer.

meanwhile, the hotels in Germany are already beginning to open in anticipation of the lifting of the travel ban in 31 countries of Europe. Hotel owners expect this year 57 percent decline in revenues compared to the year 2019, but it’s better than no income. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Heiko Maas has warned that the rest will have to “responsibly”, referring to sanitary restrictions, such as compulsory wearing of masks, the use of disinfectants, the distance between people, increase the distance between the tables in the restaurants. “You will need to very clearly tell people what the restrictions are waiting for them everywhere – on beaches, in restaurants, in urban centres,” said Maas.

Deutsche Zentrale fur Tourismus e.V. (DZT) – the national tourist office of Germany with headquarters in Frankfurt am main. The goal DZT – realization of tourist potential of Germany. According to the decision of the German Bundestag, the work of the office DZT is financed and controlled by the Federal Ministry of Economics and energy. The organization develops strategies and projects for the formation of positive tourist image of Germany abroad and to attract tourists to the country. The national tourist office of Germany has offices in 31 countries across the world.