A group of progressives in the house of representatives of Congress, including the youngest Congresswoman in the country, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was able to gain new supporters. About it writes The Daily Beast.

As the newspaper notes, is currently in the so-called squad of left-wing politicians in the house of representatives consists of only four people: myself Ocasio-Cortez, representing new York, Ilhan Omar (Ilhan Omar) from Minnesota, Rashid Tlaib (Rashida Tlaib) from Michigan and Ayanna Pressley (Ayanna Pressley) from Massachusetts. The number of this group has already drawn the attention of the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, who noted that with so many to speak about any influence of the detachment in the legislative body is not necessary.

However, writes The Daily Beast, the band members themselves took the words of Pelosi rather as a challenge and eventually managed to attract new supporters.

“You know, people were saying that the squad just a couple of votes. And I said, "Okay, let’s get more". And here, we get more votes we get more people,” explained Ocasio-Cortez.

So, in January 2021 election results house of representatives is likely to be enlarged by a number of politicians who share the same political beliefs and values of the group. In particular, we are talking about Jamale Bowman (Jamaal Bowman), which is the most likely democratic candidate in the 16th district of new York, and Mondera Jones (Mondaire Jones) fighting for the right to represent the Democratic party in the elections from the 17th district of new York. While voters in these districts mainly supported by Democrats, so the chances to get into Congress both applicants is quite high. At the same time, and Bowman, and Jones in interviews have expressed their support for the left unit in the house of representatives, stating that it was ready to be his close allies on political issues.

In addition, to support the progressives, headed Ocasio-Cortez is likely to be ready and left the candidate from Illinois Marie Newman (Marie Newman), which has managed to win the primaries of the Democrat-centrist Dan Lipinski (Dan Lipinski) and Alex Morse (Alex Morse) who fights for the title of candidate of the democratic party primaries in Massachusetts.

However, some Democrats still support the position of Pelosi and refuse to consider the squad Ocasio-Cortez is a major force in Congress. However, says The Daily Beast, having obtained some more votes, the group will have much more authority in determining the agenda and will actively promote supported her bills, particularly in the area of health care (Medicare For All) and ecology (Green New Deal).

At the end of June it was reported that Ocasio-Cortez won the primaries in the 14th election district of new York, giving back the protege of billionaire investors former CNBC reporter Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. It was noted that Ocasio-Cortez was able to win with a serious advantage in more than 50 percent, despite the strong support provided to its rival, the head of investment company Blackstone Group billionaire Stephen Schwarzman and CEO of investment Bank Goldman Sachs ‘ David Solomon.

In may it became known that public-political organization “Democratic socialists of America”, which includes Ocasio-Cortez, began to grow on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. It was noted that the total number of its members reached about 66 thousand people, while the party leaders are expecting further growth.