In “Lefortovo”, it seems that the flash COVID-19. One of the brothers Ziyavudin Magomedov, on Thursday, may 21, 2020, according to relatives, confirmed coronavirus. Caught it, apparently, or from inmate Andrew Caminova, or from the investigator. Close afraid to catch kovid can and elder brother Magomed Magomedov, for which it may be dangerous to the death (a heart condition).

– On the subjects of the disease reported in the jail in the window, the lawyer , says a close relative of brothers Magomedov . Said that occurs in mild form and not until a CT scan needs to be done. But I’m a doctor and I know that changes in light can only be seen on CT, because often people carry the disease without symptoms, and the lungs thus affected seriously. We are very worried.

According to the defenders, Magomedov was in a cell with Andrei Kamilovym (now one). According to unconfirmed reports “MK”, he is also diagnosed with coronavirus. In addition, he is another notorious prisoner “Lefortovo” billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko (he Kamenevym is one).

Not so long ago in the meeting of the court of appeal considered the complaint of lawyers of the brothers Magomedov on the next prolongation of terms of detention, – said the lawyer Alexander gofshtein. – Opposing counsel, asking to consider the dangers that COVID-19 carries prisoners, the investigator of the Investigative Department, RF interior Ministry said the following: well, as for kovida, so the defendants are isolated from the society that at the same time will protect from this serious disease.

the Enemy does not want such “protection”. But the picture is compounded by circumstances of a different order. The investigators of the Investigative Department of interior Ministry day in and day introduced Magomedov with the case. Came to prison, brought Tom out for Tom and the accused in the presence of investigators studied brought those materials. It would seem, what is the connection between all these facts and Kovalam? It’s very simple – as the media wrote, the Investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation coronavirus infected for several employees. And those who are on their feet, knowing this, go to the prison and acquaint the accused with the case.

Magomed Magomedov, in contrast to his brother, the virus was picked up. But close added: “so far”. They especially worried.

For him, given his illness, it could bring death, believes gofshtein. – He often said, “it is easier to kill me than to liberate.” Magomedov before the trial held in jail for more than 2 years. The economic case, which is the process of gathering evidence has been completed. Clearly excessive, in my opinion, on the severity of the charges against “back door”, bypassing adopted on the initiative of the President of amendments to article 210 of the Russian criminal code. Damages, by the way, not proven – Garant��purpose of the seized property, vastly superior in its value, something that supposedly has.

for many years and Ziyavudin and Magomed was meantime. But all this is ignored! If the information that have already several prisoners “Lefortovo” the coronavirus is correct, it turns out that СOVID-19 which, alas, do not always cope the best hospitals in the world, is posted at the jail. So hundreds not really, because the place of his residence, good people are doomed to being in a lot of, frankly, a danger. And not getting the most timely and quality care, – let’s be honest.

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