Russian writer, poet and publicist, activist and opposition leader Dmitry Bykov said on air stations “Echo of Moscow”, that in his opinion the next President of Russia will in different qualities worse than Vladimir Putin.

at First he appreciated the opportunity to lead the country Igor strelkov (Girkin), who took part in the fighting in the Donbass. According to Bykov, the chances of him are not great, as in his appearance there is samobitnost, and this is now this is not the trend.

the Following Bykov said that students are getting a lot of questions about what will happen after Putin, and in his opinion, most of the authors of these letters are naive.

“it is quite obvious that anyone who will be after Putin, will be for a while, this is the first”, – said Bykov, adding that regardless of whether this person is a liberal and a conservative, long to retain power, he can not.

“Always long rule in Russia ended in a mess – quite a sharp change of rulers and government”, – reminded the Bulls.

second, according to the writer, Russia is in a downtrend and, therefore, “one who will come after Putin will be worse than Putin”.

“the Next government will be stupid, maybe short-sighted, and maybe prekrastnoe, but less experienced than the current, is, in my opinion, it is obvious”, – said Bykov, noting that not a jealous man, who would not come to power.

the Bulls have also noticed that initially when there will be deliverance from today’s various idiocies, from repression and lies, but some time to Shine in virtue. Thus according to the writer, this period will not last long, besides now, says Bykov, people don’t want to be good.

“some time ago, for them it was still prestigious to be smart, or to seem themselves humane, at least. Today people in Russia enjoy the fall, he dwells in ecstasy of the fall, he likes to be bad”, – said the writer.