Nikita Popovnin – the most unusual a meteorologist on our television. Viewers accustomed to the slender beauties or heaven uncle, but when the frame appears pretty young man who looks like he looked at the TV between a lecture on urban planning and his DJ-set, many are surprised.

But those who follow Nikita as per a leading daily weather forecasts and author of the weekly program “Climate”. Over his ten year career, which began to “Rain” and continues on “Moscow 24” professional meteorologist not only got “taffy” from teleakademii, but has earned its reputation as the climate expert. “MK” discussed with Nikita climate dreams, glacial childhood and inaccurate forecasts.

Winter we were so intrigued by the unusually warm weather that was waiting for the weather report like a fascinating series. But the pandemic in a fair degree away from you and your colleagues the attention of the audience…

I felt it even when communicating with their friends, interest in the weather, they are now showing less. But with the beginning of the summer season to the weather, a new surge of interest. Many are going out of town and they are very concerned when to go, what will be planted, in General, all depend on the weather.

— I would Venture to guess that in your case coronavirus coronaviruses and forecast on schedule. Mode for you have changed something in the new environment?

— Changes only in the fact that I don’t come to the Studio. and record keeping program at home or close to home. When I’m out live in the news, the operators come to me and we try to work with the least possible number of people.

Many of those who work at home now see a lot of pluses, but there are those who are lacking in the office atmosphere. How do you feel about the new regime work?

— speaking on television, all programs have different objectives. And that really would not do at home. But there are formats that are easy to do alone. Of course, there are already established rules for shooting reports or direct interventions. But, as practice shows, much can be done much easier. In the work of the great channels, a lot of inertia. Now there are phones that provide a picture is not perfect, but good enough quality to show it on any channel.

For a moment the comment about the weather, which was inserted in, say, some news story, I may shoot in the garden around the house and without operators. But when talking about my program “Climate”, which is twenty-six minutes, the phone will not get here.

the Whole program on the climate for our television — real exotic. It��La your idea, or something learned from foreign colleagues?

— There are people of two types. Some people like to peep and then to adapt. It’s not that bad, just this style of work. Well, the other not spy and do not adopt because they do not like the process of drawing them closer to create from scratch, and especially the fact that no one else did. And I belong to the second category. I can’t stand working with other people’s ideas, so all I did on TV over the past ten years — these are my thoughts. Without the influence of colleagues and some of the discussions certainly not happened, but I never peeked.

— You started to work on TV ten years ago and from what I understand nothing but programs about the weather was not engaged. Turns out it was your conscious choice?

I’m on television ever seriously thought. Came out of curiosity to “see how they do on this TV all the way” when I was still in graduate school at the Institute of geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, worked on different research projects and in parallel worked in a news Agency, where my skills m information and news.

I have always loved photography and graphics and, probably, so there was some curiosity to the TV. And here I came only up then the TV channel “Rain”, I liked it there and I, quite unexpectedly, offered to try yourself in the role of facilitator. To be honest, at first I didn’t like them, because I didn’t understand how everything works and was very worried. But then he adapted. Still, the weather is in the format of this kind of education. Can you about the same to give to students at the lecture, and can explain huge TV audience.

— still, weather forecasts are an unusual choice for a young person. Meteorologists on television is a pleasure spectacular girls or uncle in a tweed. But not people like you…

— Probably all a matter of education. My first degree, which I received at MSU, is associated with the meteorology. And when I was invited on TV to tell anything besides the forecast, I agreed. Said, “I’m Not sure you’ll like it, but let’s try.” We tried it and liked it, including me. From the very beginning was to do the classic weather report. The numbers didn’t interest me. Interested in all sorts of nuances, explanations of weather phenomena in General, everything, which allowed my education.

— You probably already said that and you look like the frame is not quite as typical meteorologist. Not often the weather forecast is misleading fashionistas like you…

— I was never interested to follow any instructions or aspire to be like someone. As with my ��programmami. To be honest, I’m not talented enough to do well that I don’t like.

To our climate, many mass claims, although it is nothing extreme. Sometimes the weather in Moscow may seem very boring. How would you describe what occurs recently with the Metropolitan climate?

Well lately it is not boring. If you remember in 2017, in June it was snowing and the weather was extremely contrasting. Or this winter when the temperature of the air within a hundred days without a break exceeded the climate norm. That’s never happened before and it is very interesting from both a scientific and a narrow-minded point of view.

— the Most impressionable townsfolk are sure that all of these changes in climate are harbingers of the Apocalypse. Think in more enlightened circles?

— From the point of view of science all this is nothing more than the coincidence of several factors. And insights in the spirit of “after the cold winter, warm summer”, or Vice versa, there is no proven scientific connections. All the random processes.

— Many residents of Moscow dreaming of the quiet town and the house by the sea. Do you have these images of perfect life?

In my opinion after a strenuous, and sometimes even mad Moscow rhythm of life and work is a quiet seaside town is not suitable for everyone. And as a permanent residence I would not like such a fit. I’ve always loved the mountains. My father deals with the study of glaciers and two years I’ve traveled with him in the expedition. So the mountain is my second home. The sea likes me too, but I try to never ride twice in the same place. About moving from Moscow until the dream.

You said that you two-year-old father took to the mountains. Try to imagine you were there…

Glaciers at that age, I certainly not investigated. But I needed somewhere to go, not to leave one in Moscow. The parents took with them. I had my little backpack and I quite early began to run the mountains. Boldly and courageously.

— With this experience telecinetic you have probably already developed an immunity to the pangs which you are likely to charge you when the forecast has nothing to do with what is happening outside the window. What do you usually say in your defense?

— there are at least three important points. First, the weather forecast on TV and give professional meteorologists and ordinary presenters. In the second case leading, not having special education, reading what they write, editors. And editors, too, having no special education, but did not refer to meteorological information and its updates.

second meteorological processes is still poorly studied and the forecast even for one day to do not very simple. Onsobenno over a large area.

the forecast, until recently, was done based on the square fifty-fifty kilometers. And, obviously, in one part of town may rain, in another the sun is shining, and on average it will be cloudy weather with clearings, that is what is reflected in the forecast. Of course someone will be unhappy.

And third, it is still very hard to predict how cyclones behave over the cities. Buildings provide additional friction and calculate in such circumstances, the braking of the cyclone is problematic.

In meteorology is not considered an error if the predicted SYNOPTIC process, for example rain, shifted in time. That is, you could carry a parasol all day, and rained only in the evening when you have returned from work and complain that the forecast is inaccurate. And yet we must not forget that we all tend to remember the meteorologists something bad, not good. When the forecast is justified, no one fixes it in memory. But when something doesn’t come to pass, you immediately have something to talk about. If we daily keep a diary of weather observations forecasts, reasons to blame the meteorologists would be much less.

Wanted to ask about the approaching summer, but after your story about the behind the scenes of weather forecasting to understand that right now you will not say anything definite. Or is there a rough expectation of what will be the holiday season?

Many do not know that initially long-term forecasts was developed for industries, not for private consumers. That is, whether the coming winter a little colder or a little warmer than normal so that you can understand how much you need to store fuel oil for the ships of the Northern sea route, or prepare for early or late harvesting grain.

the Accuracy of such forecasts is not above sixty percent, and we are not talking about any figures — only about deviations from the norm. But somehow these messages began to get on TV, radio and in Newspapers, although the population of such information makes no sense. We are interested in whether the rain, whether to wait for heat or cold weather, and in long-term projections do not pay attention. It is impossible to predict the less accurate the weather for a period longer than two weeks. Three days — there are some specifics. Five days on the verge. Week — right on the edge. More than ten days — nothing specific.