The new version of the draft law on youth policy of the Russian Federation provides for an increase enshrined in legislation, the age limit of youth from the current 30 to 35 years. This was stated on Wednesday by the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Alexander Varfolomeev.

According to him, this bill and a number of related developed by the working group, which included how the senators and deputies of the state Duma, to the development of the updated version of the Constitution.

"Speaking about the content of bills, is to designate the following: at the Federal level are fixed concepts such as youth, young family, youth policy. Emphasize that a single approach to the definition of the age group that belongs to the category of "youth" is a person in the age from 14 till 35 years," the Senator said at the thematic meeting of the relevant Subcommittee in the state Duma.

"Criteria for attributing to the young the family is 35 years of age of persons in a registered marriage or age of one parent and the presence of a minor child", – said Bartholomew. The bill is not yet introduced in the state Duma.

According to the current principles of state youth policy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025, "youth – a group that includes individuals aged 14 to 30 years".

The draft law on state youth policy in the Russian Federation was first submitted to the Duma in may 2007, the document was repeatedly sent back for revision. In March 2017 was rejected because, according to deputies, the provisions not established new rights and obligations were of a declarative nature and do not require re-regulation.