Which day in Networks discuss the dressing up of Natalia Friske in a dress of her sister Jeanne. And the debate on this occasion did not subside until now. Many fans of the singer believe that the way Natalia copies the style of Zhanna Friske.

“She’ll never be Joan” the fans have hit the sister Friske

Producer Joseph Prigogine, too, has an opinion on this. However, he fears to Express it once again. On the causes of such fears Joseph Prigogine said in a brief interview

the – Joseph I., recently we saw a presentation by Natalia song Zhanna Friske “somewhere in summer”. Do you think that the singer Natalia Friske could become a successful commercial project, or Jeanne still no substitute?

– You know, I once said this. But one person is strongly liked, and he still sends me messages threatening.

Therefore, no matter what I said – it will be perceived offensive way. Replace individual person is always difficult, whether Zhanna Friske, Valeria, Philip or anyone else.

Each artist has a vivid, unique image. Perhaps Natasha could be a successful artist if I formed my own repertoire. And I’m even sure of it, and absolutely do not exclude the fact that she is a talented person.

But one day I ran into Vladimir Friske – her father. And now I am confident that any review will stumble on the lack of adequacy on his part.

I am a person with a certain status and position in society, never overstepping my bounds and normally act against the people. But this person is violating all sorts of principles of decency and humanity, and sometimes even at night can send me TEXTS.

the – We have repeatedly called Vladimir Friske and never with his aggressive behavior did not notice. It is a pity, as a father who lost his beloved daughter…

– Purely on-chelovecheski I ready to understand, and me too. I understand that the worst tragedy for a human being is to lose a child. Not children experience the death of parents as the opposite.

Of course, it is a tragedy. Nothing else I can say about it. But Vladimir Friske is behaving very provocatively.

I never crossed the line and always kept their distance. Nothing wrong with him I did, and nothing bad about it said. In General, now I just try not to react to his attacks.

the – And why Vladimir Friske became behave?

I just once said that Zhanna Friske can not be replaced, and this caused him to have such a strong reaction.

Vladimir Friske took it as an insult to her second daughter, although I did not insulted you. And now I regularly receive SMS abusive nature. And since it’s been more than six months.