the Volunteers of “Technopolis GS” since 2013, are engaged in preserving the memory of fallen soldiers. 2018 is a historical-cultural project “the Thousand names”, which aims to establish the place of burial and to perpetuate the names of those killed in the First world war, soldiers of the Russian Imperial army, and find their descendants.

last year an agreement was signed with the Baltic Federal University of Kant, the researchers identified the names of the 755 Russian soldiers of the First world war, fallen on the territory of present Kaliningrad region. Further research allowed to extend the list of names to 1170, and it is not the final figure.

the Burial in the village of Yasnaya Polyana was previously landscaped “people’s Union of Germany on care of military graves.” The German experts believed that there are buried Russian soldiers 48.

But the activists, the volunteers of “Technopolis GS”, along with historians and scientists researched archival documents and found: the German sources were incomplete, and in fact in a mass grave at Sirguinta buried at least 158 soldiers of the Russian Imperial army. They all died on 7 August 1914.

the Territory of burial places began to put in order. In Yasnaya Polyana 12 volunteers cleared the bushes from the driveway and drained the cell.

this year, activists are going to fill the hole on the way to the object, to establish a concrete crosses (Lutheran, Catholic and Orthodox) and a granite plate with updated information on the number of buried soldiers.

In the village of Osipenko, the volunteers explored the territory of the cemetery and conducted the burial binding to the terrain.