Recall that the Omsk yacht “Siberia” has gone to round-the-world expedition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica in July of last year. After passing under the Russian flag, 16 States and more than 15,000 nautical miles, in February 2020, the sailboat reached the Bellingshausen station, the main objectives of the project.

However the storm did not spare the boat. And the epidemic COVID-19 significantly complicated her return by closing all ports. But, thanks to the Russian expeditionary vessel “Akademik tryoshnikov” who have taken sailing on Board the “Siberia” made it to the mainland. And now, moving from St. Petersburg, finishes the route.

One of the brightest stages of the journey will be the action devoted to 75-th anniversary of Victory. Today, the sailboat will depart from the shores of Arkhangelsk. His campaign “Siberia” carries out in tandem with the Omsk yacht “Pearl”.

– the route passes through the Northern sea route. The spot will do in the places of the bloodiest battles of the Soviet ships. In honor of the heroes-sailors under the anthem of Russia will lay wreaths, – told “RG” the captain “Siberia” Sergey Shcherbakov. Just took on Board seven of the wreaths.

In mournful list – border ship SKR-27 “Pearls”, the victim of torpedoes from the Nazi submarine in the White sea on 1 August 1941. The entire crew (61 sailor) died. In October of the same year in the area of the Tersko-Orlovsky lighthouse was blown up by a mine “patrol” SCR-11. 42 people were killed. In November the Islands a Sharp Ludkah enemy submarine sank the trawler T-889. No one survived. On 25 July 1943 by a mine explosion in Pechorskaya Guba killed the crew of the trawler T-904. On July 30, the fascist submarine torpedo hit in the stern of the minesweeper T-911. Killed 28 of the sailors. On September 28 in the Yugorsky Shar Strait sank the patrol boat SKA-510.

One of the stops Siberians will do on the White island, where there is a mass grave of the Arctic convoy DB-5. The tragedy that occurred in August 1944, the year, claimed 378 lives of Soviet soldiers and civilians. 51 the fate of humans is unknown.

the Siberian boats will pass along the Arctic coast of Russia will be lowered wreaths on the water in the White, Barents, Pechora, Kara seas.

However, the campaign, which is supported by the Russian geographical society and Russian Centre of Arctic exploration, and pursuing other tasks.

– In the framework of the campaign, with the aim of developing tourist traffic flows for small boats, we carry out testing of the route. Check the condition of the piers, Parking lots, applied to the map important and interesting objects, – have explained “RG” the Director of development of the Cluster shipbuilding and production of marine equipment in Arkhangelsk region Gleb Pletnev. – Our region has a rich history and good prospects. Want to widely promote these opportunities.

3 Sep world expedition arrives in Salekhard to participate in the celebration of 75anniversary of the end of world war II. According to the results of the expedition of the Siberian yachts in Arkhangelsk filmmakers will make a documentary.