Violations are usually the same, said the representative of Rostransnadzor. Staff not using personal protective equipment and does not require this from passengers, temperature they do not measure. In waiting rooms, on platforms no boundary markings and antiseptics freely available. Information on measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus as well. Door handles, railings, switches are not handled regularly with antiseptics.

Since may 21, 2020, when Rostransnadzor began to conduct raids, standards were not observed in 43% of cases. That is, the situation is better now. However, the proportion of violations is still high. To the greatest extent spoil the statistics buses and taxis. If in June, the non-compliance was identified in 32% of tests in early July is 29%. Now this is the highest rate of violations among all types of transport.

other transport sanitary discipline better. The aircraft now violations detected in 23% of inspections, while in June this indicator reached 90%. Water transport violations found in 24% of cases in June, they can be identified in 64% of all inspections. Best of all, the situation in railway transport. In trains and at stations now violations detected only in 15% of cases, while in June this indicator exceeded 30%.

“Rostransnadzor conducts road inspections of carriers in transport supervision. But also Agency staff pay attention to compliance with guidelines approved by the Ministry of transport. If necessary, the information on detected cases of violation of sanitary-epidemiological requirements is sent to the CPS on the basis of the signed agreement on information cooperation. Appropriate action in such cases takes the Rospotrebnadzor”, – said the representative office.